SEO and Link Building

A successful business is one that knows where to find customers, and how the internet and search engines are used by everyone, the key to success is a website optimized for keywords that have the potential to bring in customers. SEO represents basically all actions that can put the company's web site to a top position in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) on desired keyword searches and attract traffic, targeting the domain in which the company operates.
SEO can be divided into two major parts: on-page and off-page.seo

On-page SEO

On-page optimization as the name suggests, is made exclusively on the website and includes:
- setting a title, description and keywords in the HEAD section;
- optimization of page titles and subtitles, contents and images;
- for the entire website links are rewritten and an optimized structure is created for pages to be easily found and indexed by search engines.

Off-page SEO

Off-page optimization represents all the promotion and link building, carried out its web pages:
- inclusion in search engines;
- inclusion in web directories;
- promotional campaigns on social media networks, social bookmarking;
- creating links through articles, press releases, mini-sites and web 2.0 profiles;
- comments on blogs and forums;
- etc.

Stages of SEO optimization

The first step to optimizing a website is a preliminary analysis that includes:
- analysis of the website to be optimized;
- analysis of the keywords on which the promotion is desired and discovery of new segments;
- analysis of the competitors and estimation of efforts needed to achieve the objective. Finally we should have outlined strategy optimization and promotion, cost and duration of the building

Then there is website optimization (on-page) wich can last from several hours to several days. In the simplest cases (where optimization has been done in the past) it is about adjusting titles, content and images for the site to be ready for promotion. For non-optimized and outdated sites, this process can be laboriously, and in some cases reconstruction from the beginning may be more simple (for example, a website that had not been updated for 10 years, with a table structure).

Once the website is ready, start the link building campaign and online promotion. The campaign can be done quickly in a short time, or slowly, over several months. For the websites that are new or have not been optimized in the past, it is necessary a slow campaign wich does not risk the penalties from search engines. For old and optimized sites, you can make quick campaigns designed to promote or give an impuls to overcome a certain competitor.

After completion of link building and promotion campaign, but during the engagement, site performance is monitored in search engines and various adjustments are made. It is also possible that following an intensive promotion campaign to proceed to a long campaign in order to maintain results.