Marketing campaigns conducted through social media gives businesses a unique way to get in touch with their customers or to get in contact with new customers. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are used by a huge number of people, and it is compulsory for a brand to have a presence in these environments. In social networks people talk about everything: movies, music, and other subjects of interest to them. Having access to social networks and their incredible power coating, the information may be placed so as to motivate users to give a "like" a "tweet" or a "digg". Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to combine social marketing with other aspects of internet marketing - like SEO - to promote a better image of any brand.

Social Media Strategy

Our company can analyze needs and determine opportunities that can benefit a brand in social media and propose methods to obtain long-term success in business. 

Twitter marketing

Twitter is an essential tool for any company that wants to interact with his audience or to engage with the people who matter. Our services for this platform, among others, a custom design for the Twitter account, monitoring relevant tweets, etc. 


By monitoring all social media environments where the brand is present, we can proactively interfering to ensure that its image does not suffer. 

Blogs campaigns

The blog is a social media marketing tool appreciated both by customers and search engines. Through them it is possible to provide clients or potential clients news and tips, and search engines a steady stream of new content. 

Facebook marketing

With over 1.2 billion registered users that have them, Facebook is one of the most useful medium for social media marketing. Among the services that we offer include the creation and optimization of pages Faccebook, running advertising campaigns through Facebook Ads, adding new and exciting content. In addition, we can develop custom Facebook applications on demand.

Accounts management

We create and maintain accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and ensure that the brand retains a constant and positive presence in the communities and social networks. Everything we do in this regard aims to increase brand reputation for it to be seen as a valuable member of the community.

YouTube marketing

Publishing a YouTube video is just a first step. The difficult part is to increase the number of views, friends, or subscribers using the services that our video will benefit from exposure needed to get the attention it deserves.

Recent years have brought a series of major changes in the way online works - many of which concern the manner of marketing and traffic analysis sites or visitor behavior. These things happened not long ago in default without the user of a website (online store, blog, etc.) to be informed or to require consent. These operations are performed by storing or retrieve information from the user's computer (or other device: a tablet, smartphone) via file-type cookies. In the context of the intimacy and privacy, European authorities have initiated laws to ensure transparency holders of sites to users.

Almost all websites use such cookies - a common technology used to remember a visitor's online behavior; Practically, it helps to connect to the memory preferences to add products to the shopping cart, to track navigation. And this also relates to the transmission of advertisements to customers who might be interested in tools like Google Analytics and social media to plugins (such as Facebook Like buttons). This data collection covers browsing history and user preferences expressed. There are several types of cookies, the first listed below are not covered by the law:

  • - Cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the website - used for registration, filling out forms, shopping cart, etc. - It does not store confidential information;
  • - Cookies to improve performance - they measure the traffic and site performance, as part of applications specifically designed for such monitoring or statistics;
  • - Cookies for advertising - advertising providers;
  • - Cookies for geotargetting (localisation);
  • - Security cookies, such as those transmitted by HTTPS (seen in the checkout pages). They are classified into session cookies (which store to logout or exit site) and persistent cookies (which are stored in the computer). 

Users right to privacy

Laws initiated by the European Commission (and directives on data protection and privacy on the internet) have sparked a series of strong reactions from online advertising and marketing industry, both internationally and nationally. These laws have in the center of internet users - on the one hand and increasing privacy, while also other companies or organizations that can no longer get information about them without their being informed in advance. Certainly, European citizens' right to privacy is essential, but the damage caused by these changes can be felt in a very drastic way by online business owners, and more.

Practically every user's need to express their clear consent to surf the web, related accepting cookies. This is done to access the site via a pop-up that would make known the visitor this. If the answer will be affirmative visitor, it will not have to confirm and when you reach the other pages of the same site. Otherwise it will not be able to access the site.

For functionality as high quality sites as well as browsing experience more fun, cookies have become in recent years an integral, indispensable I could say online trade and the Internet in general. They are extremely useful, reaching to operate in ways that give fresh meaning to the concept of personalization and interactivity. Moreover, they can work to as eloquent display ads based on user interests and behavior.

In conclusion, these cookies provide greater efficiency in the sales process, facilitating browsing and searching visitors. At the same time, they do not influence the vulnerability of personal data and information when using antispyware and Internet browsers with daily updates. How they interact with the user can set the functions and customizations Preferably, each browser separately.